Guests whispered the secret password to enter the Speakeasy-themed celebration. An elevator that held 50 guests at a time carried out the Speakeasy theme. Festive décor, roving entertainers and an energetic DJ kept the Prohibition-era vibe going.

Catering also stayed on theme, with delicious food and abundant drink:

  • Brass tubs with drinks on ice
  • Under the “L” carving station
  • Salads at The Green Line
  • Dinner at Capone’s pasta station
  • A sinful landscape of desserts at the Sweet Spot

While hundreds of guests packed the dance floor non-stop, a Speakeasy lounge area lured guests who wanted a quieter moment for conversation.  A multiscreen AV presentation recognizing top performers ran on a loop throughout the evening.  Bus transportation was arranged for a whopping 1,000 guests on 23 separate motor coaches to and from the venue.